Our Supporters

When you donate to the Murphyn Henar Foundation you are helping Bonaire’s future. Your donation directly ensures an education and a professional future for local young adults, who will be able to provide for his or her family upon completion of this program. By having more local people on the island involved with the underwater world, we teach and reinforce a love and respect for nature. This also instills a deeper sense of pride for Bonaire and it’s natural resources, and the importance of the community’s involvement and responsibility to continue to protect it. All of these values help and strengthen the vision of Bonaire to be and to remain a Blue Destination.

Big or small, any amount you wish to donate is very appreciated and will be used to help purchase student materials, provide instruction and begin the scuba diving journey from Zero to Hero for selected Candidates.

Our Supporters


  • Mel Briscoe & the Ocean Geeks
  • The Burke Family
  • Jaquelyn Gill
  • Marian Rieders
  • OLB (Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire)
  • David Rubinic


  • Henk & Wilma Kokkelkoren
  • John & Susie Wall
  • Kay & Tom 2 x
  • Tina & Danielo Nicolaas
  • Martin Cicilia
  • Augusto Montbrun & Francesca Virdis
  • Kimberley Polling & Flavia Scotto
  • S. Bellinger
  • Mvr. Altemuhl-Kaalverink
  • Loretta Marshall
  • James Kewley
  • Eric Morrison
  • Susan Wehry & Brooke Brass
  • Jeffrey Levinton & Joan Miyazaki
  • Dorothy DiOrio
  • Tim Proffitt
  • Margaret Nahas
  • Griff “Choroni” Smith
  • Carol Lucas
  • Megan Davies
  • Ronald & Trudi Kapteijn
  • Al Yurek
  • Niels de Toom
  • Tom Peyton
  • Or Fa Link
  • Beth Byouk
  • Ingrid & Cor van Veghel
  • Ron Bowman
  • Tim Catalano & Linda Taylor
  • Ski Scuba Center
  • Geoffrey Everett
  • Debbie Eggleston
  • Susan McCready
  • Rich Wright
  • Ione Perhay
  • Christy Hauck
  • Wendy Wentworth
  • John Perhay
  • Chuck Rose
  • Stephanie & Rick Myers
  • Karen, Gail & Bobbie
  • Griff “Choroni” Smith
  • Jessica Clark
  • Geoffrey Everett
  • Dan Runze
  • Eliane Cuthrell
  • Clifford Bennett
  • David Olson
  • Carol Lucas
  • Sherly Killingsworth
  • Tom & Kay Wells
  • Devan Fleming
  • Geoffrey Everett
  • Eric Riesch
  • Jim and Judy Kewley
  • Peter Kwarts
  • Martha Barrow
  • Lester Knutsen
  • David Rubinic
  • Jackie Gill
  • Ione Perhay
  • Maria v. d. Zanden Lopes
  • Gladys & Robert Webb

Our Community Partners

These projects and NGO’s have partnered with our Foundation to provide educational  opportunities for our  Candidates through volunteer activities on Bonaire.  These organizations’ activities focus on restoration work, community involvement and environmental protection, and provide our Candidates with a greater awareness and understanding of how all things are linked in our environment and to our ocean.

Mangrove Info Center
Mangrove Maniacs
Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire
Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Our Mentor Facility Partners

These Dive Operations on Bonaire have become partners with our Foundation and help sponsor, mentor, develop and provide dive training and courses to our selected Candidates throughout their program.

Hopefully soon more….

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Our Sponsors

These companies provide their service, donations or a sponsorship to help our Foundation and Candidates succeed.