Learning & Development Requirements 



 Certifications Development Program Required Dives Total Dives
Beginner Program Open Water Dives = 4 Beginner Development Dives = 16 Dives 20
Advanced Program Advanced Open Water Dives = 5 Advanced Development Dives = 15 Dive 20
Continued Program EFR Rescue Continued Development Dives = 30 Dives 30
Divemaster Program Divemaster Divemaster Program Total dives 70


Open Water Course – 4 Logged Dives

  • Classroom and knowledge development
  • Confined Water Sessions
  • Open Water Certification Dives

Beginner Development Dives:

Guided/Supervised Dives – 16 Logged Dives (completed by shore or boat) 

Beginner Development Dive Goals: To give Candidates the time to build up their basic skills as a scuba diver, focusing on good buoyancy skills, boat dive skills, shore dive skills, and building their overall confidence in the water.


Advanced Open Water Course – 5 Logged Dives

  • Classroom sessions with knowledge development
  • Advanced Open Water Dives: Navigation, Deep, Buoyancy, Night, and Wreck

Advanced Development Dives:

Guided/Supervised Dives – 15 Logged Dives (completed by shore or boat)

Advanced Development Dive Goals: To give Candidates the opportunity to have focused dives based on the underwater environment specific to Bonaire.  Candidates will gain knowledge and skills in: Fish ID, Underwater Ecosystems and Relationships, Macro Life, Coral ID, Navigation Techniques, Reef Renewal efforts and Clean Up dives.


Emergency First Response Course (EFR)– This non-diving course trains Candidates how to provide CPR, how to help assist with Stress Management, and how to provide First Aid.

Rescue Diver Course 

  • Classroom and knowledge development
  • In-water skills and dive scenarios – training the Candidates how to help in different dive rescue situations

Continued Development Dives:

Supervised Dives or with Indirect Supervision – 30 logged dives

Continued Development Dive Goals: To give Candidates the opportunity to begin to learn and train on what it means to move to a more active and professional role in scuba diving.  Candidates will be expected to help with dive preparation, safety checks, organization, dive planning and guest interactions, all vital skills required of a Dive Professional.

Additional Dive Specialties & Training

Reef Renewal Diver Specialty

  • Classroom presentations and skill practice
  • 3 Reef Renewal Dives- Candidates learn what skills are necessary to help the Reef Renewal Foundation on Bonaire and become a local volunteer for the Reef Renewal.

Nitrox Diver Specialty 

  • Classroom course- Candidates learn how to safely plan and dive with Nitrox

Class Sessions: Classroom discussions focused on different topics related to the dive industry on Bonaire.

Community Partner Activities
These activities are designed to expand the knowledge and experience of our Candidates and have them become more aware and involved in the many local community efforts on Bonaire.  We will work with our Community Partners to help these Candidates understand how diverse and unique Bonaire is as an island, and stress the importance of their growing role and responsibility to protect its natural resources.  Note: These activities can change as the island continues to grow, and create new ways of helping Bonaire.

These workshops are designed so that Candidates get hands-on training to help them prepare and deal with several areas of equipment and maintenance required in the dive industry.


To begin and qualify for this part of the Murphyn Henar Foundation Program, Candidates must have a total of at least 70 logged dives, completed all the Additional Dive Specialties & Training, participated in all the Community Partner Activities, and attended all Workshops.

Divemaster Program Goals: To have Candidates successfully complete all portions of the Divemaster Programs academics, exams and in-water training assessments. At the completion of the Divemaster Program, Candidates will be certified as Dive Professionals and will be more than qualified to find employment within the dive industry of Bonaire.