About our Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Murphyn Henar Foundation, is to give the young adults on Bonaire the opportunity to learn to dive. By training these young people, who do not have the funds to do so themselves, we want to create a future for them in the diving industry. By giving them the opportunity to become a dive professional, they will be able to make a living for themselves. It is our goal to give the local youth who are interested in becoming a dive professional, the chance to do so.

Our Vision

The vision of the Murphyn Henar Foundation is:

  • To create a bright future for the underprivileged youngsters on Bonaire
  • To create career opportunities in the dive industry for local youth 
  • To let at least two candidates per year graduate as Divemaster
  • To select two candidates quarterly to start the training process

Our Core Values

  • Be committed and determined
  • Be accountable
  • Be transparent
  • Be positive and motivational
  • Pursue growth and learning


murphyn henar

The foundation is created in memory of Murphyn Henar. Murphyn, also called Murph, was a very well known Divermaster on Bonaire, who always had the desire to train the younger staff members in the Dive Team. He looked after them as a father figure and taught them all he knew about diving and the wild sea life of Bonaire. Murph was patient and very friendly. He worked for Buddy Dive from 1993 to 2019. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly in 2019, due to health issues. This foundation was brought to life, to honor his great spirit and memory. We are convinced that Murphyn is honored that this foundation, in his name, will be looking after the underprivileged youth of Bonaire, to give them a bright future.

Target group:

Local young adults with no opportunity to fund a diving career by themselves

How do we select?

Selection of potential candidates is done through local help organizations working within the community with the youth of Bonaire, such as “Jong Bonaire”, “Forma” or “Junior Rangers”. Together with them we will select suitable candidates for this program.


The goal is to educate the candidates from zero to hero. This process is done in different steps:

Step 1: Beginner Development Program
Step 2: Advanced Development Program
Step 3: Continued Development Program
Step 4: Divemaster Program

Board of Directors


Steffie Lucas – President
Operations Manager at Buddy Dive Resort and former colleague of Murph


Martin Cicilia – Secretary
(Aka Scuba Daddy)
Dive Assistant Manager at Buddy Dive Resort and former colleague of Murph


Michelle Coolen – Treasurer
General Manager at Buddy Dive Resort and former colleague of Murph